7 Best AI Paraphrasing Tools of 2024

Consistently producing fresh content is a proven method for attracting organic traffic and fostering growth, whether it’s a blog, newsletter, or social media account. Yet, every writer understands the substantial time and effort required to maintain a steady stream of new content. This is where AI paraphrasing tools come in…

AI paraphrasing tools are specialized software applications that harness powerful AI algorithms to reword or rephrase existing text while preserving the original meaning. These tools serve to assist users in generating unique content without resorting to plagiarism or direct copying from the source.

In the following discussion, we will delve into the key features of AI paraphrasing tools and explore some of the leading platforms in this field.

What Are the Best AI Paraphrasing Tools?

There are tons of AI paraphrasing tools in the market, each of which claims to offer something unique. However, there are several key features you should look out for when choosing an AI paraphrasing tool.

Key considerations include features such as the tool’s accuracy in terms of maintaining the original meaning and context of the content it is based on, as well as its ability to maintain natural language fluency. A well-crafted paraphrased output should read smoothly and naturally, without awkward phrasing, grammatical errors, or unnatural word choices.

Other key factors to look out for include the robustness of the software in terms of the variety of synonyms and phrases, as well as the level of control bestowed upon users for refining the final output. This helps add an additional layer of variety and uniqueness to the text. Additionally, factors such as plagiarism detection and data security are of utmost importance during the decision-making process.

With all this in mind let’s take a look at 7 of the best AI paraphrasing tools of 2024.

1. Paraphraser.io



Paraphraser.io is a popular tool that offers a versatile paraphrasing solution powered by the most advanced AI technology. The platform rewrites text while preserving original meaning and context, allowing you to dramatically increase the amount of content you produce and by extension boost productivity.

Seamlessly maintaining natural language fluency, it ensures paraphrased content is devoid of grammatical errors or awkward phrasing. The tool provides a wide array of synonyms and phrases for diverse outputs, ensuring that your content always appears fresh and unique.

The software allows you to wield control over the final result, promoting significant customization and flexibility. The platform also incorporates plagiarism detection, ensuring content uniqueness and preventing your content from being flagged by plagiarism detectors. Paraphraser.io prioritizes data security, delivering a comprehensive and reliable AI paraphrasing service for various writing needs.


  • The platform allows you to harness the capabilities of state-of-the-art natural language processing models, such as transformer-based architectures, to ensure precise and contextually relevant text rephrasing.
  • Paraphraser.io employs advanced algorithms that analyze the original content comprehensively, allowing the AI engine to generate paraphrased versions that accurately reflect the source material’s intended meaning and context.
  • The software utilizes sophisticated neural language models and grammar-checking algorithms to ensure that paraphrased output exhibits native-like fluency and readability.
  • It allows you to leverage an extensive word embedding database and synonym mapping to offer a diverse selection of synonyms and phrases, enhancing the uniqueness and variety of the paraphrased content.
  • Paraphraser.io offers adjustable algorithms that allow users to control the level of rewording, select specific synonyms and phrases, save user preferences for future projects, and promote real-time collaboration with a preview and edit option.
  • The software offers similarity detection mechanisms that compare the paraphrased content against a comprehensive database of existing texts, helping users identify and rectify unintentional similarities.
  • The platform offers an intuitive and responsive web application, optimized for seamless user experience across devices, with a user interface designed for simplicity and efficiency.


Here is how much the Paraphraser.io service costs:

  • Basic Plan: The Basic Plan includes access to all 3 paraphrasing modes (Fluency, Standard, and Creative), the plagiarism checker, and the word changer tool.
  • Weekly Plan: $7/week, 1500-word limit, 7-day validity.
  • Monthly Plan: $20/month, 1500-word limit, 30-day validity.
  • Yearly Plan: $5/month if billed annually, 1500-word limit, 365-day validity.

The platform also offers Enterprise plans for larger businesses. These plans also include all of the features of the premium plans, such as access to all 3 paraphrasing modes, the plagiarism checker, and the word changer tool. The plans include:

  • Enterprise 1 Plan: This plan costs $50/month and has a word limit of 4000 words, a validity period of 15 days, and 75,000 API queries. 
  • Enterprise 2 Plan: This plan costs $125/month and has a word limit of 5000 words, a validity period of 45 days, and 150,000 API queries.
  • Enterprise 3 Plan: This plan costs $225/month and has a word limit of 6000 words, a validity period of 90 days, and 300,000 API queries.

Bottom Line

Paraphraser.io offers advanced language models, grammar-checking algorithms, and synonym databases for fluent, readable output, while its adjustable algorithms and similarity detection mechanisms provide customization and plagiarism prevention. Try out the platform today to take your content generation capacity to the next level.

2. Grammarly



Grammarly’s paraphrasing service offers users a powerful tool to reword and rephrase content with precision. Leveraging advanced AI algorithms, it ensures accurate reflection of the original meaning while enhancing fluency and coherence.

The service boasts a vast vocabulary, seamlessly replacing words and phrases to enrich diversity. Users retain control over output, tailoring the level of rephrasing to their needs. Even more importantly Grammarly’s plagiarism detection feature prevents unintended similarities to existing content, upholding integrity.

With a user-friendly interface, Grammarly aids you in refining your writing style, maintains your privacy, and facilitates seamless integration. It’s an indispensable asset if you’re looking for ways to churn out more polished, original, and engaging content.


  • Grammarly’s paraphrasing tool employs advanced neural networks to accurately rephrase text while preserving the original context. The tool’s advanced AI model analyzes sentence structure and semantics to ensure the paraphrased content conveys the intended meaning.
  • The paraphrasing software offers an expansive vocabulary, suggesting synonyms that elevate the language and can even match the tone of the paraphrased content, enhancing its sophistication and giving a wider degree of variety to your text.
  • Grammarly’s tool incorporates adaptive learning, a technology that continuously improves the software’s paraphrasing capabilities based on previous user interactions and feedback. This leads to increasingly accurate and effective results over time as the software becomes more familiar with your unique preferences and writing style.
  • The tool’s AI is trained in multiple languages, allowing it to offer paraphrasing services in various languages, making it a versatile solution for a global user base.
  • Grammarly’s paraphrasing tool is designed to handle a large volume of requests without compromising on speed or accuracy, making it suitable for individual users, businesses, and enterprises who need to work on a large amount of text over a relatively short period. 


Here is the Grammarly pricing plan:

  • Free Plan: Grammarly offers a free plan that includes grammar and spelling checks, and a Premium plan that includes advanced checks and writing suggestions, including paraphrasing.
  • Premium Plan: The Premium plan costs $29.95/month, $19.98/month for a quarterly plan, or $12/month for an annual plan. If you are a student or teacher, you can get a discounted rate on Grammarly Premium. The student plan costs $11.66/month, and the teacher plan costs $14.95/month.
  • Business Plan: Grammarly also offers a Business plan for teams. The Business plan starts at $12.50/user/month and includes all of the features of the Premium plan, plus:
    • Centralized billing
    • Style guides
    • Team reports
    • Customizations

Bottom Line

Grammarly’s paraphrasing service uses advanced AI algorithms to rephrase content accurately while maintaining original meaning, offering a vast vocabulary for diverse language enrichment. You can try out the free plan as a gateway to the more advanced paid services offered by the platform.

3. Quillbot



Quillbot is an AI-driven paraphrasing tool that rewrites text while maintaining its original meaning. Its neural network-based approach ensures accurate paraphrasing, enhancing content fluency and clarity. With support for multiple languages and dialects, Quillbot accommodates global users, enabling paraphrasing in diverse linguistic landscapes.

Users can manually adjust paraphrasing intensity, offering customization and giving you a greater degree of control over the final product. Quillbot suggests synonyms and sentence structures, aiding in content enhancement and improving text variety. The software also offers a user-friendly interface that facilitates seamless rewriting, while plagiarism checks prevent unintentional similarities with other texts, preventing any form of copyright infringement.

Overall, it’s a valuable tool for generating unique and well-structured content, ideal for writers, students, and professionals seeking a paraphrased text.


  • The software offers a comprehensive range of paraphrasing features that go beyond simple synonym replacement. Quillbot intelligently restructures sentences to ensure fluency and coherence, making the paraphrased content read naturally.
  • Leveraging state-of-the-art language models, Quillbot interprets intricate context cues, resulting in paraphrased content that captures nuanced meanings accurately and provides context-aware synonyms and phrases, enhancing the precision of paraphrased output. Quillbot also offers domain-specific paraphrasing, tailoring content for various industries and niches, ensuring relevance and accuracy.
  • The platform allows you to offer real-time suggestions for enhancing grammar, punctuation, and writing style, refining content as you paraphrase, giving you a greater degree of control over the final text, and allowing you to impose your personal tone and preferences. Quillbot also supports real-time collaborative editing, enabling multiple users to collaborate on paraphrasing tasks simultaneously.
  • Quillbot offers API integration for seamless incorporation into various applications, enabling developers to harness its paraphrasing capabilities programmatically.
  • The software adapts to different writing styles, catering to formal, casual, academic, or creative contexts, ensuring consistent tone and voice.
  • Quillbot is accessible across platforms, including web browsers, mobile apps, and desktop applications, facilitating convenient usage.


The QuillBot paraphrasing tool offers two basic pricing packages, a free plan, and a premium plan:

  • Free Plan: This offers 125 words in the Paraphraser, limited use of the Synonyms Slider feature, and 1200 words in the Summarizer.
  • Premium Plan: This offers unlimited words in the Paraphraser, full use of the Synonym Slider, an advanced Plagiarism Checker, and other features. It can be billed in several ways;
  • Monthly Plan: $9.95/month, billed monthly.
  • Semi-Annual Plan: Costs $6.66 and is billed at  $39.95 every 6 months.
  • Annual Plan: Costs $4.17 per month. $49.95 billed every 12 months.

Bottom Line

Quillbot’s technical sophistication, encompassing deep linguistic analysis, real-time suggestions, and domain-specific enhancements, empowers users to transform their content effectively while maintaining accuracy and originality. Try out the free plan to get a better understanding of how the platform works and what it has to offer.

4. Jasper.ai



Jasper.ai’s paraphrasing tool employs cutting-edge natural language processing (NLP) algorithms to seamlessly rephrase text while retaining its original meaning. Through sophisticated contextual analysis, it ensures coherence and clarity in the paraphrased content.

The tool’s robust vocabulary offers diverse synonym suggestions, enriching language and minimizing repetition. With a user-friendly interface, it provides real-time recommendations, aiding in efficient writing and editing.

Jasper.ai’s AI-driven platform is designed for accuracy, privacy, and continuous improvement, making it a valuable resource for producing polished and authentic paraphrased content.


  • Jasper.ai employs an adaptive learning framework that leverages user interactions to refine its paraphrasing capabilities over time. The tool learns from user preferences, adjusts synonym suggestions, and enhances its contextual comprehension.
  • Jasper.ai’s NLP algorithms are trained across multiple languages, enabling proficient paraphrasing services for a diverse global audience.
  • The tool excels in handling complex sentence structures, offering rephrased outputs that maintain coherence even through intricate transformations. Using advanced AI techniques, Jasper.ai can intelligently restructure sentences while preserving meaning, ensuring fluency, and eliminating awkward phrasing.
  • Interestingly, Jasper.ai provides users with transparency into its algorithmic decisions, offering detailed insights and explanations for paraphrasing choices, and enhancing user control and understanding of how the algorithm makes key decisions.
  • Jasper.ai’s architecture is designed for high-performance scalability, allowing it to process a significant volume of paraphrasing requests while maintaining accuracy and speed. This is an effective way to scale up your productivity and maintain the same level of content quality without having to significantly increase your operating expenses.
  • The tool supports real-time collaborative paraphrasing, enabling multiple users to work together on the same document, enhancing teamwork and productivity.
  • It also supports flexible integration options, allowing seamless incorporation into various platforms, applications, and writing environments.


Jasper.ai offers three pricing plans: Creator, Teams, and Business.

  • Creator Plan: This plan costs $49/month billed monthly or $39/month billed yearly.
    • Unlimited words
    • 1 user login
    • 1 Brand Voice
    • 50+ AI copy generators
    • Grammar and plagiarism checking
  • Teams Plan: This plan costs $125/month billed monthly or $99/month billed yearly.
    • Unlimited words
    • 3 user logins
    • 3 Brand Voices
    • 50+ AI copy generators
    • Grammar and plagiarism checking
    • Free trial
  • Business Plan: Custom pricing based on your needs
    • Unlimited users
    • Unlimited words
    • Unlimited Brand Voices
    • 50+ AI copy generators
    • Grammar and plagiarism checking

To get started with Jasper.ai, you can sign up for a free trial. The free trial gives you 10,000 words to use. Once the free trial is over, you can choose a pricing plan that fits your needs.

Bottom Line

With these advanced technical features, Jasper.ai stands as a powerful paraphrasing tool, capable of delivering precise, coherent, and high-quality rephrased content while adapting to user needs and enhancing the writing process. Try out the free trial today and get a taste of its amazing services for yourself.

5. Paraphrasingtool.ai



Paraphrasing Tool.ai is an advanced AI-powered platform designed to assist content creators in generating high-quality paraphrased content by leveraging cutting-edge natural language processing (NLP) technology.

The platform offers accurate and contextually appropriate rephrasing of text, helping users avoid plagiarism and enhance the originality of their content. Users can simply input their text and receive well-structured and coherent paraphrased output, suitable for academic, professional, or creative purposes.

The platform’s user-friendly interface and efficient algorithm ensure quick and reliable results, making it a valuable tool for writers, students, researchers, and professionals seeking to enhance their writing while maintaining authenticity and originality.


  • Paraphrasing Tool.ai employs state-of-the-art Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms to analyze and comprehend input text, enabling accurate, human-like paraphrasing.
  • The platform’s AI engine comprehends the context of the original text, ensuring that the paraphrased output maintains coherence and relevance.
  • The tool helps avoid plagiarism by generating unique and well-structured paraphrased content. It does this through several techniques like synonym replacement, contextual understanding, sentence restructuring, plagiarism checkers, thesaurus integration, and user customization options.
  • The platform offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface, allowing you to easily input text and receive paraphrased results promptly.
  • While most paraphrasing tools allow users to adjust the level of paraphrasing to meet their specific needs, Paraphrasing Tool.ai takes this to the next level with an adjustable paraphrasing level, tailored word replacement preferences, contextual guidance, as well as preview and editing tools.
  • The tool’s efficient algorithms enable swift processing, ensuring you receive your paraphrased content promptly.
  • The ParaphrasingTool.ai is suitable for various contexts, including academic writing, content creation, and professional communication, the platform caters to the needs of a wide range of users seeking authentic and original content.


Here is the pricing plan for Paraphrasingtool.ai:

  • Solo Paraphrasing Tool: This plan allows you to paraphrase up to 60,000 words per year and is billed $7/mo (or $5/mo if billed annually).
  • Solo Text Generation: This plan allows you to paraphrase up to 300,000 per year and is billed $15/mo (or $12/mo if billed annually).
  • All-In-One Bundle Tools: This plan includes the Solo Text Generation and Solo Paraphrasing Tool, as well as access to other tools like the Plagiarism Checker, Grammar Checker, and Text Summarizer. It allows you to paraphrase an unlimited number of words.

All plans come with a 7-day free trial.

Bottom Line

Try out the Paraphrasingtool.ai free trial to gain access to cutting-edge AI and NLP technology which allows you to generate high-quality paraphrased content while maintaining context and coherence.

6. Copy.ai



Copy.ai is an AI-powered paraphrasing tool designed to assist with content creation. By using advanced language models, it can rephrase sentences, paragraphs, or entire articles while preserving the original meaning. 

It offers a variety of writing styles, tones, and word choices, making it a versatile tool for writers, bloggers, and businesses. Users input their text and receive alternative versions that suit their desired tone or purpose.

Copy.ai aims to streamline the writing process, helping users save time and effort by generating high-quality paraphrased content quickly and efficiently. Its features make it a valuable asset for enhancing and diversifying written content.


  • Copy.ai harnesses cutting-edge language models, particularly OpenAI’s GPT-3, which boasts 175 billion parameters. This vast model size contributes to the platform’s ability to understand context and nuances, resulting in high-quality paraphrased output.
  • The platform employs neural network-based algorithms that employ techniques such as attention mechanisms and transformer architectures. These techniques enable the preservation of the original meaning while generating coherent and contextually appropriate rephrased content.
  • Users can select from an array of predefined writing styles, but the technical prowess lies in the fine-tuning process. Copy.ai utilizes reinforcement learning to adapt and improve its output based on your feedback and writing habits, refining the paraphrasing according to specific style preferences.
  • Leveraging parallel processing and distributed computing, Copy.ai efficiently handles batch paraphrasing requests, optimizing resource utilization and minimizing processing time for users dealing with larger volumes of content.
  • The platform employs a web-based, asynchronous architecture that allows users to interactively edit and refine paraphrased content in real time. This is facilitated through WebSocket connections that provide responsive editing capabilities.
  • Through a RESTful API, Copy.ai seamlessly integrates with third-party tools and platforms, enabling developers to integrate its paraphrasing capabilities directly into their applications, content management systems, or writing environments.


Here is an idea of how much the Copy.ai service costs:

  • Free Plan: This plan is great for people who want to test out the basic features of the platform and offers one user seat with unlimited projects and a 2000-word limit per project.
  • Pro Plan: This plan costs $49/mo ($36/mo if billed annually) and gives you access to some of the more advanced features of the platform such as 5 user seats, unlimited brand voices, pre-built prompt templates, and much more.
  • Enterprise Plan: This is a heavy-duty, custom-priced plan for larger organizations that typically deal with large amounts of content. It offers unlimited seats, SSO and Infosec reviews, greater data security, as well as a dedicated account manager. 

Bottom Line

All the features mentioned above underscore Copy.ai’s sophisticated infrastructure and capabilities, making it a powerful tool for writers seeking accurate, customizable, and efficient paraphrasing solutions. The platform is a tool you should add to your arsenal if you want to take your content creation skills to the next level.

7. WordAi



WordAI is an advanced paraphrasing tool that utilizes artificial intelligence to rephrase text and generate unique content while maintaining the original context. It employs sophisticated algorithms to understand and rewrite sentences, resulting in high-quality, readable output.

WordAI is known for its ability to produce human-like content with reduced plagiarism risks, making it useful for content creators, writers, and bloggers. It offers various settings to control the level of rewriting and allows users to customize the output according to their needs.


  • WordAI employs sophisticated linguistic analysis to understand sentence structure, grammar, and semantic relationships, ensuring accurate paraphrasing.
  • The platform identifies different parts of speech within a sentence, aiding in intelligent synonym selection and maintaining grammatical correctness. WordAI also incorporates grammar correction algorithms to rectify any grammatical errors that may arise during paraphrasing.
  • WordAI considers the broader context of a text, taking into account surrounding sentences and paragraphs to produce coherent and contextually relevant paraphrases.
  • The platform can handle multiple languages, allowing users to rewrite content in various languages while maintaining accuracy and coherence.
  • The platform continuously learns from user inputs and feedback, improving its paraphrasing abilities over time for better performance.


WordAi has two basic pricing plans which both come with a 3-day free trial:

  • Standard Plan: This plan offers an AI-powered rewriter, a plagiarism checker, bulk article rewriting services, and API access. The service costs $57/mo if billed monthly or $27/mo if billed yearly.
  • Enterprise Plan: This is a custom plan which offers all the features of the standard plan plus multiple user accounts, a dedicated account manager, customized rewrites, and a more powerful AI capable of handling larger content loads.

Bottom Line

WordAI’s intricate technical features encompass linguistic analysis, contextual understanding, multilingual support, and advanced rewriting techniques, all working in tandem to deliver high-quality paraphrased content with precision and efficiency. Try out any of its plans today with its 3-day free trial to gain access to all the above and more.

What Is an AI Paraphrasing Tool?

An AI paraphrasing tool is software that uses artificial intelligence to rephrase or reword text while retaining the original meaning. It helps users generate alternative versions of content for various purposes, such as avoiding plagiarism or improving readability.


AI paraphrasing tools offer a powerful solution for content creators seeking to generate diverse, original, and high-quality text. These tools, fueled by advanced AI algorithms and natural language processing, excel at rephrasing while maintaining context and coherence.

They provide customization options, varied synonym choices, and even domain-specific enhancements. As the demand for unique content continues to rise, AI paraphrasing tools prove invaluable in enhancing productivity, creativity, and content quality across diverse writing needs.

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