escaping the matrix a modern day guide

Do you feel like you’re stuck in a never-ending cycle? That you’re working hard, but not getting anywhere? Like the information given to you is nothing but a half-truth meant to disorient you and keep you working like a hamster on a hamster wheel?

That’s probably because, like most people, you are trapped inside the matrix.

The matrix has grown to be an all-encompassing system of control in our modern world. If you don’t find a way to escape, your life will never move above the monotonous drone that you have come to know as daily existence.

Luckily, there is a way out.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss what the matrix is, how it enslaves you, and strategies to break out of it. Apply the tenets shared in this article are you’ll have a shot at living life in the “real world” – a life of freedom.

What is the Matrix?

The Matrix describes the system of modern control used to enslave the common person and extract life blood energy. The term the “Matrix” was coined in a 1999 science fiction film starring Keanu Reeves. In this film, an artificial world was created to resemble modern existence. Human beings occupy this artificial world in spirit as they are harvested for life energy by robots in the “real” world. The Matrix in the movie made to trick the human mind into believing that it is real, when in reality, it is nothing but a mind trick – a computer program uploaded into a person’s consciousness.

The Matrix in the movie is an apt description for the real-world controls that modern citizens are subject to. This is because modern society is designed to mislead, control, and extract productivity from the masses.

How the Matrix Controls You

The matrix uses a multi-pronged approach to snake its tentacles into your life and ensnare you.

As it turns out, people are not as easy to control as you might think. The simple approach of controlling through fear and violence has been tried many times throughout history. The result is always the same – mass populations revolting and overthrowing their rulers the first chance they get.

No, the system has become more sophisticated over the years through trial and error.

The modern-day matrix is deceptive, it is sophisticated, and it is designed to keep its occupants unaware of their exploitation.

The modern-day matrix controls you through 5 main mechanisms:

  1. Physical Control
  2. Psychological Control
  3. Emotional Control
  4. Financial Control
  5. Spiritual Control

The matrix aims to manipulate you by influencing these 5 areas of life. When attacking through one of these mechanisms alone, there is plenty of opportunity to escape.

But when used in combination, the matrix becomes a powerful, all-encompassing force that can consume and dominate your life.

Why You Should be Trying to Escape the Matrix at all Costs

To answer the question of why you should try to escape, you should also be wondering why the matrix exists in the first place. The answer is actually quite simple:

The matrix exists to dominate.

The engineers of such a system are not good people. In-fact, they are the opposite of good – they are themselves possessed by evil spirits that would be satisfied with nothing less than hell on earth and them as rulers over it.

Sound hyperbolic? Perhaps…

But when a system is designed with spiritual control as a core tenant, you can expect the battle for good and evil to be a relevant theme.

Maybe angles vs. demons is too woo-woo of a reason for attempting to rid yourself of the matrix’s hold. That’s fine. Instead, simply think of it like this:

The matrix was created to keep you poor, to make others rich, and to ensure that you are never able to challenge the authority that set this system up in the first place.

We are all born into the matrix. From the time that we start breathing, environmental influences start shaping our perception and progressively set up the necessary frameworks. By the time we are fully grown adults, our lives are immutably linked with the matrix – we are trapped.

There are very few people that have escaped the matrix in a meaningful capacity – but they do exist. Luckily, with the right information, strategies, and effort, you have a shot at escaping too.

Life outside the matrix is challenging but you can take back something that makes it well worth it – freedom.

  • freedom to go where you want
  • freedom to think what you want
  • freedom to feel what you want
  • freedom to make as much money as want
  • freedom to be who you want to be

If this sounds like something that you want for your life, read on. Let’s get straight into how to escape the matrix once and for all.

How to Escape the Matrix: Winning Strategies for the Modern World

To Escape the modern-day matrix, you have to address the 5 areas of control that are used against you. By systematically breaking the control apparatus step-by-step, you can see the world for what it is and break free from the shackles and take back control of your life

Step 1: Get Strong and Healthy

The first tendril of the matrix is physical enslavement. By keeping you fat, weak, and incapable, the matrix ensures that you stay helpless and dependent on the system.

It stands to reason that a frail and weak body constricts you in the possibilities of what you can do. When we’re talking about achieving freedom, we’re talking about having choices – choice gives you leverage, leverage gives you the ability to say no, and having the ability to say no gives you the ability to make your own decisions.

If you have a fit and capable body, you have the choice to participate in far more physical activities than if you were out of shape. This could be anything from rock climbing, to swimming, to running.

Being in shape gives you the ability to say “I’m down” to things.

One of the most important ways you can use your body is to be productive – lifting, moving, building, etc. Some good old-fashioned hard physical work is one way to exert control over your environment and get stuff done.

Additionally, physical prowess makes you tougher. When push comes to shove, physical strength can give you the shove you need to stand up for yourself.

Having a strong and capable body makes you a formidable person with choice and leverage. Choice is antithetical to the matrix which aims to take away personal sovereignty and keep you dependable on the system.

While physical training and health is a vast field of practice and a lifelong journey, here are a few crucial areas to start immediately:

  1. Weightlifting
  2. Stretching
  3. Nutrition

Weightlifting creates the requisite stresses that your body needs to develop strong, capable muscles. There is really no way around this in my opinion. Some people will say that they “just train cardio” or “don’t want to get too bulky”.

This is horse****. If you want to escape the matrix for real, you will have to get serious about it which means getting STRONG.

If you’re just starting out in weight lifting and strength training, a good place to start is to read Mark Rippetoe’s Starting Strength. This classic book and training system provides a super easy-to-understand introduction to barbell training. it is often held up in the fitness community as the perfect place to start for beginners looking to get serious about strength training.

Stretching gives you the freedom to move better in your physical environment. I have found over the course of my physical fitness journey that most injuries stem from a tight, restricted body.

Stretching makes you more mobile. Circling back to our reasoning for creating choice in your life, stretching gives you more choices in how you can move your body.

Yoga is a great place to start for stretching and mobility. Functional Patterns is another great program that can take your stretching and mobility to the next level. CEO and founder Naudi Aguilar created this cutting-edge system to maximize human proficiency in a plethora of functional movements – running, jumping, punching, throwing etc.

Using a combination of stretching, myofascial release, and functional movement training, Functional Patterns aims to break up the common holding patterns of many modern people (for example, restricted hips and poor posture from sitting down for hours every day).

Although Aguilar’s methods are controversial in some circles, I can’t recommend the training enough. Just a brief introduction to the Functional Pattern’s training concepts has completely changed how I move and feel in everyday life.

Nutrition is the often overlooked but crucially important piece of the fitness and health puzzle.

One of the most reliable ways that the Matrix controls you is through poor nutrition. This is evidenced by the ultra-processed and nutrient-deficient foods that line the majority of shelves in supermarkets across the modern world.

Without getting too deep into the vast and complicated field of nutrition, just consider these facts for a second:

The leading cause of death in America since the 1950s has been heart disease. One of the major contributors to the increased risk of heart disease is high blood pressure. High blood pressure is caused in large part by excess sodium intake. About 90% of Americans 2 years old or older consume more sodium than is recommended by the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. About 70% of sodium consumed is from processed and restaurant foods.

Just this one factor of one major health concern alone can be tied to widespread poor nutritional consumption.

The matrix uses cheap, addictive foods to feed the masses because it maximizes profits while keeping you sick and malnourished. An added bonus to the extensive malnourishment of a population is the medical bills that support a monstrous pharmaceutical industry – leading to further dependency and profit extraction.

The main defense you have against this type of control is education. You have to learn the fundamentals of nutrition so you can make the right food choices.

A great place to start here is to read Mark Hyman’s book – The Ultramind Solution. Hyman paints a convincing picture for how the standard American diet is causing widespread sickness and malnutrition. He also gives lots of actionable guidance for how you can eat right and stay healthy.

Combining strength, mobility, and nutrition will get you well on your way to taking back control of your physical body. It won’t happen overnight but with consistent effort, you can start to break the grip of the matrix and live life as your strong capable self.

Step 2: Build a Rock-solid Mentality

To combat the psychological attacks from the matrix, you have to build a mentality that can’t be shaken.

To control people, the matrix inundates us with subliminal messaging through media, the education system, and other institutional channels. This messaging varies in its contents, but it always trying to accomplish the same thing:

To demoralize you and make you feel like you’re not enough.

Ivan Pavlov, a Russian physiologist in the early 1900s, established an important cornerstone in modern psychology. His theory of classical conditioning shows how people can be taught to respond automatically and subconsciously to external stimuli.

The matrix uses this principle to condition mass populations into submission. With repeated exposure to messaging that makes your situation feel hopeless, you automatically start to believe that nothing can change, that you are not capable of success, that your current situation is the best you can hope for etc.

After years of conditioning, your beliefs become deep programming in your subconscious – so deep that you aren’t even aware they exist. When beliefs become subconscious, you start to act on them subliminally.

In fact, up to 95% of your mental processing on a daily basis is subconscious. So this is where the battle needs to be fought.

The worst part about subconscious demoralization is the tendency for these ideas to self-propagate and support themselves. Maxwell Maltz writes about this in his classic book, Psycho-Cybernetics. This plastic surgeon-turned-researcher postulated, after dealing with thousands of patients, that people have a strong and automatic desire to support their self-image.

Therefore, once you’ve been conditioned to think like a loser, you start to support this belief and actually fight to maintain it.

Effectively, you become the jailer of your own mental prison cell.

Extend this psychosis to a population level, and you have large groups of people that support and reinforce their own subjugation.

It is truly a damning cycle. But it can be avoided.

The first step in building a rock-solid mentality is to unplug from the constant stream of demoralization. Turn off the news, stop doom scrolling on social media, and stop hanging out with negative people. Taking away negative influences is absolutely crucial for breaking the cycle of demoralization.

The next step is to replace the negative influences with positive influences. Information and people that uplift you will encourage you to embrace a worldview that starts to build a strong mentality.

It’s important to repeatedly and consistently expose yourself to positive influences. Thought and behavior patterns of the subconscious mind are primarily habitual – and as it turns out, forming new habits doesn’t happen overnight.

You have to train your subconscious mind to think and behave with courage and conviction.

A couple of great resources about building healthy habits and training the subconscious mind are The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg and Elliot Hulse’s youtube channel.

Charles Duhigg lays out a ton of science on how habit is formed in the human mind and goes deep into how to make it happen in your life.

Elliot Hulse shares many ideas about the brain-body connection and how the subconscious is in large part stored in your body. Check out his concept of bioenergetics for more on this.

Once you take away the negative influences and replace the with a positive focus on a consistent basis, you’re well on your way to developing a strong mentality that can resist the matrix.

Step 3: Understand and Deal With Your Emotions

The matrix controls and manipulates your emotions as a key part of their control mechanisms. This is why it is so important to understand and control them yourself.

The 6 basic human emotions are:

  • sadness
  • happiness
  • fear
  • anger
  • surprise
  • disgust

As it turns out, people tend to make emotional decisions and then justify them with logic after the fact. This explains why 95% of purchase decisions take place subconsciously and are then communicated to our conscious mind through emotions.

Some of our emotions are very powerful influencers of thoughts, behaviors, and beliefs – and the matrix uses this to its advantage.

Take fear for example. When we are extremely afraid or feel threatened, a fight or flight response is triggered in our bodies. The evolutionary purpose of this response is to kick into action and get out of danger immediately. This was great for our ancestors surviving sabor-toothed tiger attacks, but can be exploited in the modern world.

Among other bodily processes, part of the fight or flight response involves disengaging the neocortex and engaging the reptilian brain. Roughly speaking, this means that your logical and rational decision-making faculties go out the window, and your primitive, impulsive, and self-centered thinking takes over.

When you are thinking impulsively, you are highly manipulatable and easy to control.

The matrix knows this and intentionally keeps the world in a state of fear.

Therefore, your only hope of taking back control of your life is to learn how to control your emotions so your emotions do not control you.

The first step in controlling your emotions is to understand them. Learning about neuroscience is a great place to start. How Emotions are Made by Lisa Feldman Barrett is a great introduction into the science of emotions.

The next step is to become aware of your emotions when they come up. This is achieved through the practice of being present. Presence work is a deep concept that is pivotal in eastern philosophy and meditation. If you haven’t been introduced to meditation and presence work yet, a great place to start is Eckhart Tolle’s classic book, The Power of Now.

Once you learn how to get into the moment and become present, you will be one of the few people that is truly aware of their emotions. This interrupts the automatic response between feeling an emotion and your reaction to it – and in this moment, you have a chance to act logically instead of instinctually.

Imagine what your life would become like if you made nothing but well-reasoned decisions with good judgment – this is what is possible when you break free from the matrix.

Step 4: Get Rich

One of the main ways that the matrix controls you is by keeping you broke and dependent. This shouldn’t be a surprise, but have you ever wondered why most people wake up every day to work for a fixed salary making roughly the same amount of money?

Net worth of Americans by age: from Four Pillar Freedom

This is by design.

If you can get a population of people to agree to trade their time for money, you have effectively set a precedent for cheap labor at a relatively fixed rate.

Time is a limited resource. Once you are born, you only get so much of it before you get old an die. Therefore, time is one of the most valuable commodities there is.

Money, on the other hand, is not finite. In fact, money has the potential to be infinitely scalable. If we roughly equate money to an exchange of value, we can reason that the amount of value produced is not limited by anything in particular.

Here’s what I mean.

One of the most common constraints of value production is material resources. But clearly, a small amount of resources can be extremely valuable if arranged into the right configuration – for example, an iphone.

An iphone uses labour, knowledge, and processes to configure resources into a highly valuable asset – therefore, worth a lot of money.

And this is why Tim Cook is extremely wealthy and most people are not. Tim Cook leveraged the assets at his disposal to create a system that produces value. This system is independent of the time that he puts in. Tim Cook could sell his shares in Apple tomorrow and retire himself and his children’s children.

Yet 99% of the world has to work.

If you want to escape the matrix, you have to get to a point where you don’t HAVE to work. If you don’t, you will always be forced to take the raw deal of trading your life-blood energy for money.

While getting rich is a deep topic that takes years to learn and achieve – here are a few impactful books to get you started:

The Millionaire Fastlane by MJ DeMarco

  • This book gives a framework for creating wealth by investing in appreciable assets that produce recurring revenue. It will absolutely change your perspective on the commonly touted platitudes shared with the common consumer.

The 4-hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss

  • This book was groundbreaking when it was first published in 2006. Years later, it is still a highly relevant roadmap for how to disconnect your time from money and build real wealth.

One of the best ways to disconnect time from money is to leverage the power of the internet. Take this article for example, I only had to write it once. Now it is on the internet for potentially millions of people to read.

If you want to learn more about how to make money with side hustles, check out this article on the best side hustles from home.

Getting rich is a critical part of escaping the matrix. But beware, this is just the beginning of your journey. If you don’t have a purpose beyond money, the matrix can still bribe you into submission.

Step 5: Adopt a Regular Spiritual Practice

If you have read my blog before, you know that I’m about getting results in business and in life. So believe me when I introduce the idea of spiritual practice as a key component in affecting the real world.

The matrix believes in the spiritual battle for good and evil and the more people they can convince that it is not real the better.

But if you can make yourself aware of the spiritual dimension, you have a chance at taking the fight back to them.

I don’t necessarily want you to buy into any one religion or god. Rather, hope that you will become aware of the spiritual dimension in whatever form it comes to you. Awareness and experience are the key factors in spiritual awakening.

Mark Passio, an ex satanist turned whistle-blower, shares his experience within the church of satan – exposing a network of high-power individuals in companies, governments, and influential groups world-wide. His podcast, What on Earth Is Happening is a fantastic resource to learn more about who these people are, how they operate, and what they have planned for us.

In short, the satanists study and work with the powers of natural law. Natural law refers to a system of observations that denote the nature of reality itself. The idea is that there is an ultimate truth that is independent of human opinion and experience.

It stands to reason that the more we can align ourselves with the true nature of reality, the more reliable and “correct” outcomes that we will produce.

While the satanists believe in natural law and understand the power of natural law, they do not want others to discover or access its power. Therefore, they systematically hide and obfuscate this knowledge – this is an old and deep tradition called occultism.

Occultism is often described as many different things – magic, sorcery, witchcraft. What it ultimately comes down to is manipulating natural law for personal power and gain while hiding this knowledge from others.

The result of widespread ignorance of deep universal truths is a generation of people that are, at best, disconnected from sense of purpose and meaning.

At worst, you actively make your life awful by acting against the principles that govern life itself.

Either way, a lack of spiritual awareness means that you have no hope of creating real and lasting change in your life – you’re a ship lost at sea with no compass.

Take up the fight against the matrix on the deepest level by adopting a spiritual practice of some sort. While I don’t necessarily recommend subscribing to any one religion wholeheartedly, going to a good church could be a great place to start.

The main idea is to regularly and consistently connect to a divine purpose and a power greater than yourself.

If you’ve had a bad experience with religion and would rather not go to church, I encourage you to look at some of Sam Harris’s or David R. Hawkins’s work. These modern thinkers introduce spirituality in a completely secular but yet powerful framework.

Whatever you do, don’t let the matrix convince you that you are nothing but a blob of cells wandering around in this plane of existence with no rhyme or reason.

You are here for a reason.

What you do matters.

There is a right and a wrong.

There is a higher purpose for life.

Remember these truths and you will have a hope of escaping the matrix.

Wrapping Up and My Experience with the Matrix

Escaping the matrix is not a one-time-done activity – it’s a journey. While the roadmap is clearly laid out for you, there is no promise that the road will be easy. In fact, it will be the opposite.

The long walk to freedom will be riddled with landmines and traps. It is a lonely trudge up a steep mountain. While others are content to “take the blue pill”, you will have to leave them behind as you embark on a grueling campaign against tyranny.

Luckily, you won’t be completely alone – that’s part of the reason why I created this site. This site is meant to serve as a hub for people hungry for information on earning money online and achieving freedom.

The matrix is a force to be reckoned with. But with the right information, strategy, and support, we can all escape together.

So stick around, learn how to make money online, and live your best life in freedom today.

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