benefits of networking

Have you ever wondered how some people effortlessly navigate their personal and professional lives?

They just seem to float around with doors being opened and opportunities being presented left right and center.

Wouldn’t it be nice to also walk on the proverbial water of your own life?

This state of effortless opportunity can be achieved through the power of networking. This article aims to support the idea that networking is one of the more beneficial and impactful skills that you can develop in your life.

Let’s dive into the 27 benefits of networking for business and life.

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Benefits of Networking for Business

Networking is an essential part of business. Whether you are looking for business partners, suppliers, customers, or employees, the connections you need are all built through your network.

Let’s take a look at some of the top benefits of networking in business.

1. New Business Opportunities

New business opportunities don’t just fall out of the sky. The best business deals come from “putting yourself out there”. Consistent networking will make you recognizable and respected.

Additionally, a large network will give you ideas for new business ideas and opportunities.

2. Increased Visibility and Brand Awareness

Your brand represents the space that you occupy in people’s hearts and minds. When you go out and shake hands, you will start to build a reputation for who you are and what you do.

3. Access to Industry Insights and Trends

It can be tempting to believe that you can learn everything through Google and YouTube. The reality is that the most important industry insights are stored in the heads of industry experts. Having a network of powerful individuals only a phone call away will increase your capacity to research and implement with more velocity.

4. Collaborations and Partnerships

collaborations and partnerships

Collaborations and partnerships are extremely important when promoting your business. When you only promote to your network, your reach is extremely limited. Collaborating with only people in your industry propagates your message to multiple audiences. This kind of marketing creates massive leverage for getting the word out.

5. Increased Referrals

Making a good impression on others not only makes them want to do business with you, it also makes them want to talk about you to others. Referrals are one of the most powerful sources of leads because they are already warmed up and clearly interested in your services.

6. Improved Sales

When you rely on cold outreach and advertising to generate business, you’re constantly chasing the next sale. Networking can take some of the pressure off of your marketing efforts by building awareness and generating consistent referrals.

On top of the reduction in advertising costs, your prospects will also be much easier to close leading to higher conversion rates. Talk about a boost in your return on ad spend!

7. Access to Mentors and Advisors

One of my favorite benefits of networking is gaining access to mentors and advisors. When you reach out to people who are a few steps ahead of you, they are often more than willing to help out.

Business and life mentors can give you confidence that you are doing the right things and making progress towards your goals.

8. Talent Acquisition

talent acquisition

Business success requires that you work with a team of high-performing individuals. Finding hard-working, talented, and trustworthy individuals is one of the most challenging things to do in the business world.

While leaning on resources like job boards and outsourcing platforms can yield some diamonds in the rough, I have found that the best talent can be found through word-of-mouth.

9. Funding Opportunities

Networking isn’t just great for making sales, it also attracts fundraising opportunities. If you work in a non-profit or you need to raise capital for a project, a solid network can introduce you to people and organizations with fat wallets.

10. Skill Development

Networking is a skill. In fact, I would argue it’s one of the most important skills to master in business. Learning how to get around the right people stimulates a tribal response – it multiplies your own thinking and inspiration across the minds of others.

In effect, your own learning and growth will be supercharged beyond what you could achieve on your own.

11. Crisis Management

Your ability to solve problems effectively and efficiently comes down to your ability to find solutions. Instead of struggling on your own to read books or Google random blog posts, a network makes your solutions only a phone call away.

When you’re in a pinch, just pick up the phone and reach out to a mentor – get the answer to your problem and get back to work.

12. Competitive Advantage

All of the benefits we are covering in this article will give you a clear competitive advantage in business and life.

Strength is found in numbers. When you try to do it all yourself, your vision is small and limited.

Networking multiplies your efficiency and effectiveness which, over time, will place you lightyears ahead of the competition.

13. Cost Saving

Solving problems can be costly. Consider the monetary cost of making a mistake – a pretty hefty price tag right?

Now consider the opportunity cost of not knowing a better way of operating. This cost is one of the most pernicious because it is ever-present. Your task in life is to learn and implement as quickly as possible so you can reduce the opportunity cost wasted by not knowing.

Networking can shave months or years off of your learning curve. In effect, your cost savings are twofold – immediate and monetary, and long-term opportunity-based.

Benefits of Networking for Personal Life

Now that we’ve covered how networking can boost business and financials, let’s take a look at the amazing impact it can have on your personal life.

14. Personal Growth

Networking with others is challenging. Not only can it be intimidating to put yourself out there, it can also challenge your preconceived ideas and notions.

This kind of challenge shapes you by forcing a reconsideration of strongly held beliefs or becoming more resolute in yourself.

Either way, consistent networking leads to personal growth and fulfillment.

15. Confidence Boost

Humans are social creatures. Being around other people, sharing ideas, interacting, and conversing gives your brain a sharp boost of positive neurotransmitters.

If you’re like me, a night of socializing is both challenging and exhilarating. After an event, it can feel like a whirlwind that is both rewarding and stimulating.

16. Lifelong Friendships

lifelong friendships

Have you ever had the experience where you meet someone out of the blue and they become one of your best friends?

Many people have, which speaks to the power of networking.

These types of friendships are the salt of life. You can get everything you ever wanted but if you have no one to share and celebrate with, it can feel lonely and depressing.

Want to make rewarding connections? Get out there and start networking!

17. Opportunities for Volunteerism and Civic Engagement

Part of a fulfilling life is contributing to a higher cause. When you give without expecting anything in return, it gives you a download of present energy.

Many people want to experience this deeper expression of life, but they don’t know where to start.

This is where networking can open the door to getting involved in impactful organizations.

18. Personal Branding

Your brand isn’t just a tool in your business life, it is also a function of your social life. Think of your personal brand as an extension of your reputation.

People don’t remember what you do or say as much as they remember how you make them feel.

Networking allows you to make a good impression on many people. Every time you make a good impression, it plants a seed in their mind about who you are and what you represent.

Over time, people will recognize your name with a good feeling – in effect, you will have a strong personal brand that just keeps getting stronger and stronger.

19. Career Advancement

Career advancement isn’t just about making money, it’s also about doing something meaningful with your life. The unfortunate truth is that only 21% of people like their jobs. This means that 79% of people are doing something for work that they don’t like but feel like they don’t have a choice.

Networking gives you options for where you can go with your career. It can open doors and allow you to stream from one job to the next. When you aren’t enjoying your job anymore, simply quit and leverage your network to get a better one!

20. Access to Job Market Information

Some reports claim that 80% of the job market isn’t posted. There is some debate about the accuracy of this exact number. But the point remains that networking can help you keep a bead on the job market.

Don’t just rely on postings, even if you are exposed to the opportunity, you may be disappointed to find that a contact of the company you applied for got the job instead of you.

Don’t leave it up to chance and build up your network to multiply your job opportunities.

21. Learning from Others’ Experiences

It’s tempting to think you can learn everything on your own. But it’s far more effective to learn from other people who have done what you want to do. They can give you in-depth, personalized insight into the mistakes and successes they had over the course of their careers.

Don’t make the same mistakes as others, humble yourself, and lean on your network to find the right path.

22. Emotional Support

Loneliness and disconnection are real afflictions in the modern world. Building a solid network can make it so your emotional support network is only a phone call away.

23. Developing a Diverse Skillset

When you don’t branch out and meet new people, it’s easy to get stuck in the same way of doing things.

Networking gives you exposure to different skills and proficiencies. This exposure expands the possibilities for your life. Over time, you will gain more rich and varied experiences – this will make you a more seasoned and interesting individual.

24. Access to Different Cultures and Perspectives

Learning about different cultures can be one of the most rewarding things you can do. Culture denotes the boldness and depth of life in different parts of the world.

When you get good at networking, you can get access to cultural experiences that you never would have experienced otherwise.

I’ll never forget the time I met a Spanish fellow at a hostel in Granada. We hit it off and he took me to all the hole-in-the-wall bars and restaurants I never would have entered alone. Making this one friend completely changed my experience of visiting a foreign country and my appreciation for the culture.

25. Personal Satisfaction and Fulfillment

Many people pontificate about the meaning of life. This is a large question that is far too big for the purpose of this article. But one thing can be said for certain:

Good relationships are a part of personal satisfaction and fulfillment.

Don’t get tricked into thinking transactional relationships and shallow acquaintances can sustain you. Aim for deep meaningful relationships that are built on long-term trust.

26. Enriching Your Knowledge Base

As evidenced throughout history – knowledge is power. Networking will give you access to interesting and successful people that will teach you things. Consistent networking will increase your knowledge base 10 fold.

27. Improved Communication Skills

Communication is one of the most important skills to master in business and life. Whether it’s conflict resolution, negotiation, sales, or simply having an engaging conversation, your ability to interact gets you more out of life.

Consistent networking challenges your communication faculties and will make you into a skilled communicator across all domains.


There you have it, how networking can provide immense benefits to your business and life. As the common saying goes – your network is your net worth. Maybe an apt saying is also that your network is your net fullfillment.

Remember, networking and meeting others is more than a money-making tactic, it is essential to human flourishing. All of the best opportunities and meaningful experiences in my life have come from building lasting relationships with others.

Hopefully, this article has inspired you to get out there, shake some hands, and work on your networking skills.

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